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Mounting options


Arm Twist

Arm Twister


Leaping Frog

Leaping Frog


Indoor Hanger

Indoor Hanger


Square Pipe

Square Pipe


Indoor Hanger-Hanging Trident

Indoor Hanger-Hanging ...


Indoor Hanger-Light Bar

Indoor Hanger-Light Bar


Pole Adaptor

Pole Adaptor


Hanging Bar

Wire Hanging Bar



3 port Switch

Office and
Wiring Closet
for Factory Floor
for Outdoors


  • Combines 100 Mb fiber Media Converter and 10/100 Ethernet switch into one unit

  • Provides one 100 Mb fiber port and two (2) 10/100 copper switch ports

  • Three new models for three application environments:

- Office and wiring closet, 
- Hardened for Factory Floor, and
- Premium-rated for Outdoors

  • Two RJ-45 ports support auto-negotiation to enable attaching any 10 Mb or 100 Mb device to them
  • All Fiber port types supported: multi-mode and single-mode, standard size (ST, SC, FC) and Small-Form-Factor (MTRJ, LC)
  • AC power for all models, including premium-rated for outdoors
  • Factory-floor and Outdoor models also have integral DC power terminal blocks for 12V, 24V, or -48VDC
  • DIN-Rail mounting for factory floor applications
  • Rack mount option, see MC14-TRAY
  • Conformal coating (optional)
  • Same mounting options, hardened packaging, and power input types as the Magnum 14-series Media Converters
  • For Gb model, see Magnum CSG14 Converter Switch
  • For 10 Mb model, see Magnum CSN14 Converter Switch

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