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CX-U Series Backhaul Platform

/index.php?plg=sslfixer&’s CX-U Series is a dedicated cellular backhaul platform delivering Radio Access Network (RAN) optimization, and A/E voice trunks compression. The CX-U reduces the bandwidth required to backhaul cellular traffic, therefore avoiding costly forklift network upgrades. The result is a significant reduction in operating and capital expenses.

The CX-U supports a combination of any GSM 2G/2.5G (Abis, Ater, A/E, Gb/Gn), 3G (UMTS/W-CDMA) and PSTN voice trunk interfaces. It operates equally well with CDMA, TDMA and AMPS networks. Its unique embedded bandwidth management features enable superior bandwidth efficiency without sacrificing voice quality.

The CX-U can also be used as RAN gateway device for migrating the Mobile Operator's access network to an all-IP-RAN.

The CX-U supports 2G-3G Abis & Iub aggregation and optimization, Ater link optimization, DCME digital voice trunks compression, non-blocking DS0 channels cross-connect and grooming, IP-RAN migration, ATM and TDM circuit Pseudowire, and HSPA offload.

The CX-U can be managed through Memotec's tools:

* The CXTOOL provides a centralized, user friendly, graphical interface network element configuration function, as well as basic software and configuration management.
* CXMON which provides a dedicated sophisticated RAN interface (Abis, Ater, Iub, A/E links and WAN uplinks) real-time and statistic 24 hours- performance and alarm monitoring functions to the operator. In particular, CXMON is instrumental in helping the operator troubleshoot, monitor and fine tune the performances of its RAN transmission network.
* AGORA-NG which provides a complete full scope (FCAPS) carrier grade network management system, able to manage very large networks and the complete Operator transmission infrastructure (including the underlying PDH-SDH layer).


CX1020 CX1240 CX1280
T1/E1 4 12 12
Bearer 1 up to 4 4 up to 8 8
Abis TRXs up to 60 up to 120 up to 120
Voice Channels up to 120 up to 240 240
Serial 1 1 1
Ethernet 4+1 4+1 4+1

* Reduced OPEX / Minimal CAPEX
  • Increases backhaul capacity without added transmission resources
  • Reduces transmission capacity requirement in proportion to the effective traffic usage
  • Rapid ROI—often in only a few months

* Significant bandwidth savings
  • GSM Base Station Abis traffic: Minimum 50% bandwidth savings
  • Cell site aggregation: Up to 3:1 backhaul capacity reduction
  • Voice Trunk Compression: 16:1 to 20:1 bandwidth reduction

* Sustained service quality
  • Preserves voice quality and service integrity
  • Abis transparent
  • Simple and reliable fail-safe operation

* Digital T1/E1: unframed, fractional, channelized, voice, data, TDM
  • T1 line type: ANSI T1.403 (PRI), AT&T TR62411 (D4), and TR 54016 (ESF)
  • T1 encoding: JBZS (AT&T), AMI, B8ZS, ZBTSI, NRZ, NRZI
  • E1 line type : CEPT (PRI), G.703/G.704 with or without CRC4 & MF
  • E1 encoding: HDB3, AMI, NRZ, NRZi, 75 or 120 Ohms
  • NFAS, AIS and RDI bits/alarm relay
* Serial Interface: V35H up to 8 Mb/s
* Ethernet: 10/100 Mb/s, RJ 45
* RS232 Serial craft interface

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