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Lucas II-60 LED Street Light

Lucas II-60 Street Light


Lucas Ii 60 New

By clicking the photo you can dowload the datasheet


Lucas Type II has a bigger mainframe to give better heat transfer  charateristics. However, we have maintained the weight at under 12Kg for all our high end versions. Please note there are several variants of  LED chips available  from Cree, giving different light intensities. Our specifications are for the most commonly used Q2 chips from Cree. If you need other versions please contact us.

L II 60 Technical Specifications

Part Number Description Total  Lumen Watt CCT (°K)
6800-060-CR5 Lucas II 60 4170 80 5500

LED Type Cree R5
Power Rating: Universal
Temperature rating: -40 ºC to 45 ºC
IP Rating IP 65
Warranty on Workmanship 36 months
Guarantee on LED < 50% loss
(Which ever comes first)
60 Months or 50,000 Hrs

L II 60 Packaging Information

Net Weight:

11.0 Kg

Gross Weight

13.77 Kg

Carton Size (1 Pc/carton):




Number of Pieces

20 foot


40 foot


40 foot HQ


L II 60 Engineering Drawing


Lucas Ii 60 Ed Web Pics


Lamp Post Installation

There are total of six M10 bolts are provided with each lamp. The top first bolt is used for safety purpose. Lucas Lamps are designed for accommodating light post standards used around the world by most countries. However, there are variations and our lamps may not fit in some Lamp Post used in some countries.  Please contact us for making special modification if desired.  In general we support End of Post diameter from 65 mm to 72 mm. (2 inch to 2 ¾ inches).

Use the supplied M10 hex tool to secure all other 5 bolts to the pole tight and secured except the one top bolt which must go through the pole for safety reasons.

Pole%20guide2 Web

Safety Nut Installation

On the top side of the Lamp Post about 135mm from the end of pole we recommend you drill a 10mm diameter hole. This is to secure the lamp from falling off or sliding and twisting due to wind or other natural disasters.


Pole%20guide1 Web

Lamp Post (Light Pole) Recomendations

Lucas Lights are designed for low height lamp posts.  We recommend the lamp post to be upward tilted about 105° to obtain best results. See Figure above.

Recommended Height and Pole-to-Pole Distance

Model #

Lucas I 30

Lucas I 42

Lucas II 60

Lucas II 84

Pole Height

4-5 Meters

5-6 Meters

6-7 Meters

7-8 Meters

Pole-to-Pole distance

12 - 15 Meters

15 - 20 Meters

20 - 25 Meters

25 - 30 Meters

You can click here and download IES Files for Dialux and other software for designing

U-Tron Lucas II-60 (CreeQ5) IES File

U-Tron Lucas II-60 (CreeQ5)-RRC IES File

Lucas II-60 Photometric Data_1

Lucas II-60 Photometric Data_2


LED Street Light Do-It-Yourself

Lucas Diy Photo 01

Partlist Click It Here


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