1st Beijing Environment and Sustainability Fair

1st Beijing Environment and Sustainability Fair: Saturday, June 15, 2013

In addition to our networking events in Beijing, we’re proud to introduce the first edition of the Environment and Sustainability Fair. The fair will be the first one of its kind in Beijing, and will host not only ecological businesses, but will also be open to handicrafts and locally produced goods. Similarly, healthy lifestyle and energy saving solutions will be welcome as well.

The event is planned to be family-friendly, with plenty to look at. Not only companies will be exhibiting, charities and non-profit organizations will be showcasing their work.

The approach for the Environment and Sustainability Fair takes into account Beijing’s specific needs, especially those regarding the air pollution. As for farming, since China’s organic certification is difficult to achieve – even when the product would be certified organic in other countries – non-certified natural farms will also be welcome to exhibit.

The event is supported by Beijing Country Fair farmers’ market, and LED lighting will be provided by U-Tron in order to save electricity.

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