33 Watt BackLit MoonLights

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U-Tron's BackLit Moon Lights are the brightest in the market when you purchase a 7 inch (6 inch cut out) recessed down lights. You can fit into the same cut-out you always had but increase the brightness of your lights by many folds. It is great for commercial, home or office applications.

Also available in multiple CCT and Power: 24, 30 and 33 Watt recessed MoonLights.

MoonLight BackLit 7'' 30W

General Information
Life Span 5000hr
Driver External IP67 Driver
Electrical Characteristics
Wattage 6W
Voltage universal
Power Factor 0.942
Operating Temp -40(min), 45(max)C
Storage -40(min), 65(max) C
Light Characteristics
Efficacy 110lm/W
Beam Angle 160 D
CCT 2700-3000K, 4500- 5000K
Flux 660lm
Color Rending Index 85
Product Dimensions
Diameter 120mm
Cut Out 110mm or 4.3Inches
Height 25mm
Ordering Information
Product Name Ultrathin Moonlight 6W 660lm Cool White Ultrathin Moonlight 6W 660lm Natural White Ultrathin Moonlight 6W 660lm Warm White
Product Number 68ML-RS4-CQ6Y 68ML-RS4-NQ6Y 68ML-RS4-WQ6Y
Barcode 694606436407 694606436506 694606436308
Pieces Per Pack 1
Packs Per Carton 1
Net Weight Per Piece 215 Grams

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